Monday, April 8, 2013


I like to try a couple new things in the garden each year.  After a chat with a friend last week he mentioned he needed to plant his Fava beans soon.  I realized I had never grown or even eaten Fava beans.  His description of their deliciousness and beauty had me intrigued.  I am not a big fan of shelling beans...but after his description of the soft pillowy shells that contain the amazing beans my curiosity was completely piqued!

But time is of the essences.  Guess, Fava's need to be planted now because they need to mature before the heat of the summer.  I have friend, that I was seeing soon, that works at Fedco.  So messages her on Facebook.  The seeds came on a gloriously warm Friday.  I planned to plant the next day.  Best laid plans....

The ground was frozen solid Saturday!

Still cold on Sunday

Wind Chill in the 20's

This in my shed ~ not ~ my fridge!

Finally, today I could rake and plant these "magic" beans.


I couldn't find a poem about beans for National Poetry Month...but...found a nice blog Poetry of Food with a wonderful looking Fava Bean recipe!

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