Friday, May 17, 2013

I haven't forgotten....

Helloooooo...Yes I am still here and I still plan to blog...but it has been just so very, very, very nice outside.  I have been distracted.  So much is my son going to prom with a big case of senioritis...getting ready for graduation...but there is also the "usual" busy-ness and beauty to divert my attention.  For one wild cherry fragrant and pretty!

Or plants not so baby-ish anymore that need my attention as we wait for warmer weather.  

New little plant pea babies that make me squeal with delight!

And finally a baby carrot has emerged!

Everything is greening up nicely...little oats sprouting as cover crop!

There are dew drops on lupines to ponder and sip!

I nearly missed the wild trillium bloom...yikes!

Runa and I still have our daily walks....

...because there are interesting patches of sun to bask in!

So, please BE patient and "forget me not"!

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