Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sunshine Salad

Today is wet and chilly compared to yesterday's sunshine and warmth.

So  soggy I left the camera home on my walk.

 So will share some of yesterdays sparkling sunshineyness!
Window Sill Salad!
window box + potting soil + mixed lettuce seed + water + 3 weeks = SALAD

cut with scissors and leave a couple of inches so the lettuce can grow into another salad

trim the tops of onion seedlings to add to the salad ~ this helps the onions to grow more stout


Salad Pun Poem
We can have fun if you lettuce.
Just tossing salad puns.
I'll try not to wilt.
For I'll try dressing these
Puns to your appetite.
If I promise to pepper my puns,
Maybe you won't throw salt.
I should leaf this alone
Because I'm no chef.
I am Caesar of salad puns!
You'd toss tomatoes at me if you could.
Are salad poems rotten yet?
I should compost these puns.
Is this like watching grass grow?
Salad puns can be cheesy.
How much green would you
Pay me to stop regurgitating
Food puns?
If you read this,
I owe you the rest of the meal,
Now that I wet your appetite.

by Chuck

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