Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easy as 3.14

Last night while cooking dinner I suddenly remembered that tomorrow (today) is Pi day!  In the past I would not have been as aware of this correlation of 3.14 and March 14th. Well my son is a bit of a math wiz.  I call him the mathmagician.  Besides higher math he is like a human calculator. Not sure where he got that talent neither his dad or I possess anything near his skill.  But one thing I do have in common with my son is a love of pie!  So it only seems "rational" to have pie for breakfast on pi day!  (If we had ice cream in the house then we could be totally "irrational")

Dinner was nearly ready so I had to be quick to get a pie in the oven.  In my usual free form method of cooking I made this blueberry pie.  Instructions included

I didn't think of blogging this until the crust was done.  But my crust is easy to make.  I use organic whole wheat pasty flour that is kept in the freezer.  I think since the flour is so cold it allows me to roll it out right away.  So no chilling required.  My "secret" ingredient is Spectrum Organic Shortening (see link on the side)  Before I discovered this product my pies did NOT come out great every time.  It has made whole grain pie possible!

Preheat oven to 425

2 cups WW Pastry Flour
About 2/3 cup Org Shortening
Splashes of Cold water

Cut the flour and shortening together ~ the splash in cold water while mixing with a fork to get a dough that holds together ~ mix as little as possible to avoid a chewy crust.  Roll out half the dough on a floured cloth adding flour or water sprinkles as needed.  Line your pie pan.  I dump in frozen home grown blueberries to fill the crust.  
Sprinkle about 2 Tablespoons of quick cooking tapioca on the berries.

Then a scant 1/2 cup of Organic Sugar
Top with the other half of the dough.  Cute birdie thing is not required but they do seem to vent the pie well.  Plus they are just sweet and fun!

Bake at 425 for 15 minutes then lower temp to 350 and bake another 25 - 30 minutes until the berries bubble.

We did have pie last night but, breakfast is my absolute favorite time to have pie!

Teenage Boy Pi Day Breakfast
 Mom Pie with Yogurt on the Side

Happy Pi Day! 

Runa got her share too!

3-14-15 will be epic!


  1. Healthier than a doughnut! Looks like a beautiful pie. Happy Pi Day!

  2. Great post! I'll have to try the pie crust recipe.

  3. Thanks! The organic shortening makes all the difference! Thanks for reading my blog!