Thursday, March 7, 2013

To Do List

So much to do! Runa has a nice little den under my desk.  But her expression is not one of enjoyment...looks more like she is resigned to her fate of waiting.  Waiting for me to do something more interesting (like snowshoe or play with her).  I am behind on bookkeeping and Etsy listings.  I am in the midst of constructing a forest.  I have an order for 75 of my upcycled balsam fir trees.  They are going to be favors for a Maine wedding!

It is time, this week, to get my seedlings really going.  
I need to tidy up the space and start warming soil that has been in the cold room.

I am ready for a Etsy photo shoot whenever the light is right and I make the time. 
 Better do this before my next Reiki Client!

Of course, there is the usual cooking, cleaning, laundry....another load needs to go in right now.  I have soup on the cookstove...don't look too close at my photos if dust bothers you.  And as I mentioned...paper work.  I put my paper work basket in the extra chair so I would "see" it better.  Well, this is what Vern thinks of my list of things to do.  Or is he trying to get on my list!?  

Beautiful Busy-ness!

How is your list going? 
 I would love to hear about your time management ideas or quandaries.

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