Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Winter "Marches" on....

Ahhh...another wintry day in Maine.  Tomorrow will be the spring equinox but as you can see it will not BE spring here.  I don't mind.  I have enjoyed the day.  Here are some of my adventures and seeings.

This moment, as I write, the above photo is the view out of my window.  But the storm started slowly so Runa and I had a nice walk earlier.

My friend Raven is allowing more photos!
It may be a bit of gratitude for the cracked corn I am leaving out...for whoever..

When I come back it is all gone.

Tell tale bird dropping...Runa wants a treat too!

The Duckies might be the most winter weary.

Signs of Spring are around...pussy willows!

The Garden Grows

But now I will leave you and pour a glass of wine.  Time to enjoy the last day of winter.
Think of me in my big snow globe...

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