Monday, March 25, 2013

Orion Horizion

Sunday evening my home was not quiet.  The boyo decided to watch basketball (real March Madness for me...I am not a fan).   DH was in bed with a small screen devise (he is thinking of getting a biscuit joiner... so many youtubes and much research is needed ...whatever he decides is fine with me).  Our small open floor plan house was buzzing.  I couldn't settle on any tasks and the commotion was beginning to bug me... I was restless.  I decided to slip outside leaving Runa behind.  The night was bright with a 3/4 moon.  I stepped into my snow shoes and headed out into the dark leaving my flash light behind.

I have to admit that at first I was a bit peeved about being alone.  But the beauty of the night soon dissipated all my irritation.  Through out my life my most memorable times with nature have been those I have spent alone.  In solitude I can be quiet.  No distractions due to conversation.  I am able to let go and feel the aliveness that surrounds me.  This night in nature became a veil of peace the enveloped me.

I came through the woods and out into the field.  
I headed for a sitting rock we have by our pet cemetery.  
The rock was surrounded by a spiral of wild turkey tracks.

I often have a funny Douglas Adams, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the towel is considered the most important item for the intergalactic traveler.  I would beg to differ and say it is the scarf.  A scarf can be used for many of the same things that a towel is used for but it makes for a more stylish impression.  Also draws less attention than leaving home with a towel...I could blog all day about the benefits of scarves...

Back at the house I have a nice little pad in a stuff sack for this purpose.  
But I always forget to grab it...unlike my scarf.  
My handwoven scarf makes a nice buffer between me and the cold stone.

This could be one of the last snow shoes of the season.  
Time to say good bye to my dear friend Winter.

This was my view from the rock, 
Orion's Belt before it goes beyond the horizon until next winter.  

I sat in silence and gratitude until my scarf seat had lost its effectiveness.  

Time to head home ~~~ restored.

Scarf...don't leave home without it!

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