Monday, March 4, 2013

Black & White

                              black             white             black             white
                              black             white             black             white

                              white             white            white              black
                              white             white                                  black

                              black              black            black             white
                              black              black            black

                             white                                  white

 Robert Lax, “Three Concrete Poems,” Love Had a Compass, pp. 15-17.

Sunday morning the world was black and white.  My wanderings reminded me of Robert Lax's Abstract Color Poems.  There are 3 poems in the series.  I am working on a mobile for each poem.  Here is a photo of the first ~ handwoven squares from handspun yarn suspended from wire.  Now a series of beauty from my "backyard".  It was a splendid morning walk!

My sweet little garden shed.

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