Thursday, June 26, 2014

Duck Update or Ducpdate

My Duckies are half grown now so thought it was time to introduce them to the big wide world.  Runner Ducks are very cautious and skittish creatures.  They do not require any sort of cuddling.  Some folks do not like these sort of ducks because they are so wackadoodle.   I think their cautious nature helps them to survive when they are out free ranging eating all the slugs and snails they can find.  Plus, I think they are very entertaining to watch.  But their edgy nature makes introducing them to new things a bit of a challenge.  First thing was to set up what I call a training fence. 

I use plastic snow fence cut in half, electric fence stakes, and mini bungee cords.

A handy place to keep the bungees while setting up the fence...on my hat cord!

While setting up the fence I turned over a rock in the duck pond and got to see a 4 inch crayfish!  We introduced them into our big pond about 4 years ago...nice to see they are surviving and thriving! (great for bottom feeding and keeping a pond clean +fun!)

Here is the finished to get the Ducks to come out!

They didn't want to at I set up their greenie dish just outside the door...

Finally, a dozen Ducks outside!

Runa, the Icelandic Sheepdog, is a great pairing with Runner Ducks.  She will help me herd them when they are ready for free ranging and have to be put in each night.  Predators are always a concern.  I saw a Harrier Hawk flying over my neighbor's field (I lost a duck, before to one of these hawks).  There is a dead adult turkey in the back field which makes me think coyote! Icelandic Sheepdogs bark a fair amount which is good for keeping predators away.  Plus, it is their instinct to chase away all birds.  The only natural predator in Iceland are birds of prey!

Somewhat comfortable out and about but they would come within 6 feet of me and seemed to be checking in to see if everything was alright.  I did give them words of encouragement!

Welcome to Ducktopia!

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