Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I am not much of a flower gardener.  I tend to be fixated on practical plants that are edible.  Over the years, though, I have made an effort to be a bit of a Lupine Lady, at least on my own property.  Starting with a few plants and seeds I have encouraged this amazing display around our pond.  There is a practical aspect for planting these flowers.  They create a buffer of plants that are left unmown around a pond contribute the the health of a pond.  The plants create a bit of a barrier that prevents thing like grass clipping from blowing into the pond.  That sort of organic matter will contribute to muckiness <---technical term for yucky swimming water ;) The slope above the pond is just a little less mowing my semi-mowing obsessed HD has to do.  Most areas where I plant something near the lawn has to be flagged off to prevent it from being mowed.  But Lupines are my DH's favorite flower so they are safe from the blades!  So the more I spread the less lawn we have.  There is the added benefit to it being just plain beautiful for a couple of weeks!

It was a dreamer's day that spun me visually undone
in cloudless skies of wild blue, beneath a basking sun
I drove the mountain road, where flowers bloom wildly to the sky 
lupines, lilies, of twinkling starry hills 
tallest summer grass, wildflower entwined
with deer to rob such beauty blind
with an other worldly view, I climbed and climbed
leaving all darkened, lowly thoughts 
so blotted from my mind

Don't these Vintage Ice Tea Spoons sort of remind you of the Lupines?

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  1. Your lupines are gorgeous! I just planted one in my yard this summer, but you've inspired me to plant more. Do you grow them from seed?

    1. Hi Rachel ... I just found your comment. It went into a spam folder for some reason?! I have had a busy summer an I have neglected my blog. But I want to answer your question. Yes, I grew them from seeds. I purchased seeds and started them indoors. Then planted them outside in the spring. I did this for 3 years to get them going. Now I collect the seeds from my plants and broad cast them where I want more lupines. Thanks for your interest!