Monday, June 23, 2014

☼ Forest & Field Happenings ☼ Groundhog's Day

The gardens are growing as well as the weeds!  I had one little interesting set back...last week I headed up to the garden prepared to thin my beans, only to be surprised that most of their tops had been nipped off... a bummer!  But all was not lost since it was only the seedling leave where nip on some.  So my nature "friend" did my thinning for me.  I am pretty sure it is a groundhog that help itself.  So I put up some counter measures with a bit of snow fence and bird scare tape.  I replanted where the bean plants were completely gone..guess I will get a successive crop.

My defense system is working now for more than a week...the critter got some of my broccoli and cauliflowers too...ah well...

I went about my other gardening tasks which included a bit of rock picking.  When I was done I took the rocks over to the hedge row to dump them.  I threw them in and suddenly I was startled by squeaking and  squealing!  Guess I dumped the rocks unknowingly on someone!  That put runa into full alert!  She make it a practice to pester our friend when ever she is up at this garden with me.  The beans are growing fine again....but I am going to leave my fence up for a bit.

This is right where I dumped my load of rocks...hope squeaker finds a new place to live!

Other Garden News~~~
 Tomatoes are over their transplant shock!

Weeded my summer carrots and beet...can actually see them!

Summer Squash, Artichokes, & Crimson Clover looking pretty :) occasional swing!
Maybe time soon to trim the trails!?

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