Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cold Day and Warm Hearts

Sunday morning we awoke to our first really hard frost.  It was cold!  27 was our overnight low.  But we are two folks who love the cold.  36 years ago we made wedding vows to each other on a cold beach in Douglas, Alaska.  Yes, it was our anniversary.  We had not made a plan on how we would celebrate.  We brainstormed while having our first cup of coffee.  It has been a very workie last few months and our budget is a bit tight.  So we needed something cheap and not anything like work.  I, tentatively, suggested taking our canoe for a spin even though it was pretty cold.  DH loved the idea!  So after a leisurely breakfast and taking Runa for a walk I packet a picnic and DH loaded up the canoe!

We had planned to go to a bigger lake but the wind started to pick up so we went our nearby favorite, Branch Pond in Palermo, Maine.  Here is a photo journal of our frosty time on the lake.

Peak Foliage!

My Sweetie!

Great Blue Heron

Not much need for the paddle with the electric canoe!

Reflecting on reflections~~~

We had FUN! Afterwards we went out for ice cream at John's, of course!  (a hot shower when we got home....yes, I am wearing 3 hats!)

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