Tuesday, July 1, 2014

☼ Forest & Field Happenings ☼ HOT!

Hello~ I am still here...we are having summer...it is HOT!  Heat is not my most compatible weather.  I may feel like floating in the pond all day but things must and are getting done.  Here is a little tour of the latest bits of work.  Weeding is a daily chore.  I prioritize what seems most important.  Garlic of course...the asparagus can wait until a cooler day...asparagus always last on the list...the food of the past, the future is before me.

Yesterday I got my 2 rows of garlic weeded and mulched again.  The early potatoes are looking good.  A few potato beetles to squish but so far no infestation.  The reward, a meal of new potatoes and garlic scapes!  YUM! It is that first real meal from the garden that makes me forget the hard work of spring.  It is all worth it!

But this morning I needed to remind my Self that it is still worth it.  Hotter today, I went out in the not too cool morning, to prune and tie up my 28 tomato plants.  A job I conveniently remember as easy but forget how hard it can be and how long it takes.  Just kept the mantra going ~~~ tomatoes love heat, tomatoes love heat, I love tomatoes, I love tomatoes...

Things to look forward too...berries!

Grateful for pond that help beat the heat!

Vern finds shade at the cooler bricks on the east side of the house..

Still getting some sewing in too.  I am finally happy with my new shark puppet design!  Shark week is coming and my DH is a fan!  Here is prototype shark...hope to cut out some tomorrow if I can stand being with felt and heat...

...also another project...girl dolls and seals...can you guess what I am making?

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