Thursday, June 19, 2014

Solstice ~ Summer Dress

It summer, no ifs ands or buts about it!  Summer is great but, believe it or not, it is my least favorite season.  Sometimes all the work of my chosen lifestyle gets to me.  It is also the time I call the itchy, scratchy, sweaty time.  Summer's saving graces include swimming & the hope of tomatoes.  Swimming has started (6 laps today...bit cold...!), tomatoes are still a dream.  Today, the first day of summer I have been in sort of a funk.  I usually set Tuesdays & Thursdays aside to do Etsy work but I couldn't quite muster the energy for that or garden work.  I puttered around being ineffective this morning so I decided to give my Self the afternoon off!  I decided to sew for my Self (+ it is noisy outside ~ it is haying time in the neighborhood)

I am a dress wearer.  No philosophical reasons, I just find them more comfortable than they are fun to sew!  I literally wear my work dresses until they fall apart.  Last summer my favorite thrift shop summer work dress finally bit the dust.  So I took it apart and made a pattern with some improvements.  

This is the dress I made last summer. But with only one favorite and many of my other dresses falling apart it was time to sew another.  I had actually cut it out the second last summer and never got around to sewing it!  I cut out a couple of project last summer but I choose the work dress because it is what I need most.

I actually thought at first I could get all 3 projects done today...not a chance.  It has been awhile since I made a dress...last summer!  I made a few boo-boos at first until I got into the flow.  One thing that is fun for me about dress sewing is that I can go fast on my sewing machine!!  Puppet making is mostly at clutch speed for accuracy.  I even checked my email while I was doing the final reinforcing finish to the side seams.  (I felt like a show off to my Self!)

Here is the finished dress.  Some to the features I like about this design is the slightly forward seam pockets.  (must have pockets for Runa treats!) The high neckline helps with sun protection a bit.  I added a pocket to the bodice for my Ipod.  I like to listen to books or music during my walks or tedious tasks like carrot thinning.  This dress will never see an iron again.  It will probably never be worn off this property either.  Now the other one can go in the laundry!  

These projects will have to wait for another day...hopefully not until next summer!

Mirror Selfie with the new dress...dangerously sewing with barefeet...uncombed hair due to earlier funky feeling...all better now!  Time for a cup of tea!

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