Friday, May 16, 2014

---Shop News--- Peace Flags

I have so many dreams!  My mind looks similar to this box of old threads, tangled with thoughts, colors, and inspiration.  Everyday I have intentions quite grand...very, very, seldom do I complete what I intend to do.  But I have come to a place of peace around my dogmatic doing.  I have let go of the desire that creates the "suffering" around the uncompleted tasks.  These projects are like children to me with a life of their own, in a way, and I love them all!  So finally, yesterday, between the planting of the gardens, spending time with my son who is home from college, life's daily tasks, I listed my Peace Flags!  I made them all sometime when the snow was flying......


As a home based sewer I feel a common thread with garment workers across the world.  I wanted to find away to give back through my Etsy Shop and bring awareness to a cause near and dear to my heart, fairness for all. So with proceeds from the sale of a PEACE FLAG......

I will DONATE $5.00 to The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights 

These are the folks that helped the people in the garment factory that burned in Bangladesh.  They are all about creating fairness in the garment industry around the world.

Each PEACE FLAG is made using a sewing technique that I developed to upcycle old thread.  I collect old wooden spools (don't ask me why). Usually the thread on these spools are too weak for sewing but they are still vibrate with color.  So I sew these threads with new threads and include a symbol of peace that is digitally printed on to 100% cotton.  

Social Justice and Eco Friendly a wrapped up in one little bit of fiber art!


we are all one

infinite possibilities 

to see the dream of



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