Friday, May 9, 2014

☼ Forest & Field Happenings ☼

The earth is waking up~~~Finally!

Ravens are very active and seem to be accepting me more each day. I found some gifted venison in the freezer...I was too polite to say no but didn't really want to eat it.  Chopped it up and am leaving for the Ravens!

I was talking to this Raven...seems to be listening!

Finally captured a view in the nest!

Trilliums about to bloom!

First Dandelions ~ Saw my first bumblebee today!

Grass seems to have greened up over night!

Finished my Raspberry Rehab Project ~ 20 bags of cedar mulch workout!

Teeny Tiny Asparagus Emerges!

 Can you see my path into the woods~ Pause & See

AND Finally...a young man returns for the year down 3 to go!

a very !!!! week!


  1. Omg, I love your stove. And I have the same tin backsplash! I also have black countertops but mine are laminate. My husband did it all. Is that soapstone? That's what I would have liked if we could have afforded it. But I'm happy with the laminate. Looks pretty good.

    1. Thanks! The stove is great in the winter! (I have a gas stove too). Most of my countertops are blackish laminate too! (You have great taste ;) the peninsula is was a GIFT from one of my DH customers! We couldn't afford it either. We have built everything ourselves too! Thanks for your comment!