Tuesday, May 20, 2014

***Tuesday's Tip***

Ducklings are on their way!  Today or tomorrow!  Time to get ready for the babies with a brooder.  Ducklings need to be kept at 90 degrees for the first 7 days.  Then you lower the temperature by 5 degrees each day.  You may wonder how this is accomplished, it is actually very easy and super low tech.  Here is how I made my brooder for the dozen ducks that are to arrive anytime now!  

All you need is an utility knife and an awl.  Some large paper fasteners (I found these beauties at a thrift shop!) (I am also a fan of Sears Craftsman Tools...good tools, reasonably priced, and there warranty is unbeatable!).  And you need some large pieces of cardboard.

Simply cut your cardboard into big flat pieces.  Attach with the paper fasteners by poking the cardboard with the awl and connect the cardboard into any shape that suits your needs.

Here is my finished brooder that is inside Duckingham Palace! Keeping the ducklings confined will help them stay warm under the heat lamp.  When the ducks are big enough for the whole house I will be able to remove the paper fasteners and use the cardboard for garden mulch!

Feeders all cleaned with a good hosing & brushing (never use bleach *Toxic*)

All ready to go!  I use 2 heat lamps at first just in case one burns out.  By raising and lower the lamps you can control the heat on your ducks or chicks. I use wood shavings from the feed store for the bedding and I am good to go!   As simple as that!  So stay tuned for cute little baby duckies!

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