Friday, May 30, 2014

☼ Forest & Field Happenings ☼ & Shop News~~~

Finally, some sunshine!  Yesterday was a kick a donkey in the butt day...!  It started out slow.  I actually slept in until 8:00am!  My son got a summer job at the local grocery store 15 minutes away.  He is working in Produce so he needs to be there at 6:00 AM or 7:00AM.  The boyo and I are more owly than larky.  (DH is the over the long weekend I was up early with him even on the boyo's day off)  Anyways, I had a tough time getting going.  I felt more like sitting on a beach somewhere.  I had planned to put my pepper & eggplants in the ground but they looked a little sorry after a cold night of hardening off outside.  So I decided to take on the dreaded task of cleaning out the cold room....

Just one of those tasks that I tend to delay.  A lot of hauling outside, hosing and cleaning.

Also, the ducklings seemed a little crowded to me so time to disassemble the brooder.

The two tasked are linked.  I will use the cardboard in my blueberry patch and all the leaves I packed my winter carrots in from the cold room as mulch.

The Duckies were a bit nervous about the change.  They stayed in a huddle most of the day.  I made the change little by little and finally had to get in and handle a few and dip their heads in the water.  

By this morning they were completely comfortable again.  
Now they have some space to runner around as Runner Ducks should!

Cold Room Leaves & Onion Skins

Brooder Cardboard Mulch in the Old Blueberry Patch

I also did some hoeing in the gardens, planted some beans and beets.  I put the final coats of paint on the bathroom vanity...yes we are still working on our bathroom...guess I am behind on all the news!   My sewing room is in complete chaos!  I sold 6 puppets a few days ago and have been contacted by a community theatre to custom make some larger puppets.  So evenings when I have any energy left I am cutting out puppets.  May has been a good month in my shops!  On the way to the mailbox this morning with a bit of Vintage heading to Hawaii a Raven Croaked at me and swooped by....

So I took a little offering to the Raven Tree.  
All has been quiet and empty in the nest ~ seems the young have fledged.  
I do see a Raven now and then though.

Runa was pretty worn out from following me all day!

Cold Room Clean!!

Massive Amount of Laundry Dried!

Took a quick jump in the pond (my second) !

Sun in my eye!

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