Saturday, May 11, 2013

Speak softly & wear LOUD socks

It is such a busy time!  I have lots of bloggy thoughts but not enough time to get them written...bare with me, hang in there, a lull will come...have I ever mentioned I love idioms?  Anyways, this was this morning's "catch"!  

One of my mottos is ~~~ "Speak softly and wear LOUD socks" ~~~ I have the sock part down...anyways..

Two Poems for today for your pondering on grey day here in Maine.....

Duck Eggs and Keats Instead of Grace

Why can’t it always be like this?
Opening the door of a car
left in sunshine.
Eating olives at night and arguing
about apostrophes.
Leaving in the dark hours
of the morning.
Reciting Keats, instead of grace
over frittata.
Finishing your glass,
and finding it full
and finding it full again,
and finding it full.

Asparagus by Margaret Atwood

This afternoon a man leans over
the hard rolls and the curled
butter, and tells me everything: two
women love him, he loves them, what
should he do?

The sun
sifts down through the imperceptibly
brownish urban air. I'm going to
suffer for this: turn red, get
blisters or else cancer. I eat
asparagus with my fingers, he
plunges into description.
He's at his wit's end, sewed
up in his own frenzy. He has
breadcrumbs in his beard.
I wonder
if I should let my hair go grey
so my advice will be better.
I could wrinkle up my eyelids,
look wise. I could get a pet lizard.
You're not crazy, I tell him.
Others have done this. Me, too.
Messy love is better than none,
I guess. I'm no authority
on sane living.

Which is all true
and no hep at all, because
this form of love is like the pain
of childbirth: so intense
it's hard to remember afterwards,
or what kind of screams and grimaces
it pushed you into.

The shrimp arrive on their skewers,
the courtyard trees unroll
their yellow caterpillars,
pollen powders our shoulders.
He wants them both, he relates
tortures, the coffee
arrives and altogether I am amazed
at his stupidities.

I sit looking at him
with a sort of wonder;
or is it envy?
Listen, I say to him,
you're very lucky.

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