Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Awesome Alliums

We have been have some amazingly wonderful weather!  This means my time has been outside...planting, planting, planting!  Much has been neglected that is inside the house...blogging for one...finally took care of the science project in my kitchen sink and got the recyclables washed.  The "getting behind" used to really bother me...but with age a certain sort of "slow and steady wins the race" mentality has come into being for me.  I realize that my list will be done...well...when I am, so I just keep on keeping on!

During this planting profusion I managed to put about 200+ onions and 75+ leeks into the ground.  Seems like a lot, I know.  Sometimes I become a bit obsessive.  The onions were there, plus the space, plus the great conditions, plus my body cooperated with comfort, equaled a big patch of alliums!  A friend once coined how I can be about my obsessions as, "repetitive devotional tasks".  Guess onion planting fits that definition!

Planting onions is wonderful.  Baby onions have their own special scent...new onion.  Sort of like how puppies or babies have a special smell.  Or like a new car (we never had new cars growing up so the first time I smelled a new car it was the scent of new Barbie Doll for me...)  Maybe it is that wonderful aroma that keeps me planting...I don't know.

It amazes me that these spindly things will be great big, fat, delicious, onions.  Experience tells me that this will be true.  I must admit that planting onion seedlings feel more like an act of faith.  They seem so weak against the elements.  Natures strength astounds me~~~always!

Onion Patch

Well I have to fly~~~daylight is burning on another beautiful day!

Wishing you Well!!

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