Wednesday, May 29, 2013


A moment of relaxation.  A drizzly day today after 2 VERY busy sunny days, which were preceded by 2 days of downpouring rain. I think I may have just barely caught my breath.  A lot of work done, a lot more work to go.  But before the moments passed on into summer (next 4 days in the 80's! then back to the 50's) I wanted to share one of my late spring delights~~~ dandelions!  

One of my favorite flowers is the "ordinary" dandelion.  The first blooming in the spring is the most spectacular.  Dazzling fields of yellow!

They seem to be in a hurry to grow, to make their mark before the first mowing.

This is part of our lawn.  I know folks go to great lengths to rid their yard of these "weeds".  Not me I love them!  My Grandpa Bill used to say that, God made the dandelions so there would be plenty of flowers for children to pick.  I loved to make dandelion necklaces when I was a girl.  Making slits in the stems and carefully threading the flowers together until my hands were sticky with the milky sap.  My parents paid us penny a dandelion that we pulled from our lawn. Now before you think that is an unfair wage...I grew up in a time that I could bicycle to the Albertson's and get an ice cream for 10 cents!  Of course, we had job security because those who do not know their botany are doomed to relive it...the least amount of root left behind will regenerate another plant. 

Besides their beauty these flowers have many uses.  They are edible.  The early greens are the best...I have to admit to being so busy eating asparagus this time of year I don't always get to them.  But when I do they are yummy spring tonic! The roots can be dried and used as a coffee substitute.  Dandelion wine is a real thing!  They benefit the soil by drawing up minerals with their long tap root. And what kid doesn't like to blow the puff balls spreading these wonderful weeds further afield!

A tribute to this tenacious garden interloper.
Here a poem I collected when I was 15 years old.
Along with a dandelion I pressed at that time!

(to a gardener)

In defense of Dandelions (to a gardener)
I must say: They are consistent,
Leaving in autumn and coming in May
In defense of dandelions
I reply that unlike the rose little
water isn't
A factor in whether they live or die.
("who cares?")
In defense of dandelions 
I 'm really defending me and my
right to grow
wherever I want and 
Remain wild and free.
("I see")

Marcia McNair age 16 1975

Don't you think this looks like a dandelion constellation!?

The Great Dandy Lion

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