Friday, May 3, 2013

Clean Sheet Night

One of my high and holy holidays is Clean Sheet Night.  Who doesn't enjoy the feeling and smell of fresh clean sheets, only made better when they are hung outside in the open air.  I make a point of celebrating clean sheet night by being heightened in my awareness to all my senses.  Clean Sheet Night is a practice of presence.  I have even been know to take a small glass of wine to bed to toast the loveliness of the occasion.  It is JoY in the everyday I seek. Clean Sheets are the quintessential everyday joy!

But clean sheet sensing has a deeper purpose, as well for me.  Like so many folks once my head hits the pillow my mind starts to turn.  The squirrel cage brain or hamster wheel mentality kicks in.  Without the distractions of waking life the  mind can have a field day......and much needed sleep is impeded.  So when these times happen (all too often) one of my magic tricks is to become completely aware of my sheets.  I put all of my awareness towards sheet sensing until I drift off to dreamland.  When sad or troubled thoughts arise I imagine my sheets enveloping me in a restful, loving hug...sheet angels! :)

 Of course, my more "present" animal companions have no need for such sleep aids.  
In the moment...TIRED = Sleep!  
Though I think Vern would "prefer" not to have Runa's tail in his face but, that doesn't seem to interrupt his rest.  

Sweet Dreams
Sleep Well


As the night gets deep and dark,
Let your worries fade,
Let this night change your life,
And make it a better place.

Give you new hope,
And the love you need,
Let stars shower you with joys,
And the moon bless you with peace.


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