Wednesday, October 1, 2014

---Shop News--- Photography Lighting

Shop News!  Yes, I am still keeping 4 Etsy Shops going.  I am not just a grower of groceries.  Though, I have to admit I am way behind when it comes to my Etsy goals. I spent this afternoon roasting and freezing tomatoes.  I am down to my last bushel.  I plan to save a few for eating but I am giving the rest away.  There is still a pretty long list of garden chores...SEE what happens to me!  I get totally distracted by gardens that I forget that I have FOUR Etsy shops to keep going!

One of my major challenges is photography.  Like everything else I do I am pretty much self taught.  I would take a photography class at this point if I could find one that was handy.  I am always checking the Adult Ed at the local schools but no luck so far.  Guess what  I am trying to say is that I am no expert by any means.  I have this big pile of vintage items I want to get on my among other things ready for photography.

LIGHT! I am always chasing the light.  I am always thinking about light.  There are many pensive moment in the gardens when the LIGHT is perfect...but by the time I get to my camera it is too late.  I have spent a lot of time trying to edit photos or having to re shoot because the darn light wasn't right.  So finally, I decided to purchase some umbrella lights.  I had been putting it off because, my work space is rather small and I didn't really want to be tripping over them.  Well, they came on Monday and I have been playing with them every chance I get.

I bought these at Amazon and they are  pretty reasonable. I had no trouble putting them together with the very minimal  instructions.  They are pretty light weight and I don't think they would travel well.  I just hope they hold up to being bumped into and tripped over! I tried to find some tutorials online but nothing was really specific to my needs or it was over my head.  So I just decided to play with them.  Here are my first results:::

 These deer antlers were the first thing I tried.  I only had a little time before I had an appointment with a friend for a walk.  I am pretty happy with the results.  The light yesterday was pretty low and I would never have gotten a photo like this without the new lights.

These Napkin Rings are my usual past result.  
A lot of time editing & still an uneven background.

Now the next test...NIGHTTIME!  This is when I have time and energy for my computery  Etsy tasks.  Night photo shoots were totally out of the question in the past.  But it is a new day ....or night!  

I took all of these photos last NIGHT!  I am happy with them.  I spent less time fussing with the editing.  The photography went a lot quicker too.  I just might get caught up this winter!  At least lighting and gardening won't be my excuse!  Another benefit of these lights is that I think my reflexes will improve...I have already had some pretty good saves after little trip ups!   If anyone wants to share their photo tips with me please do!  

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  1. Beautiful set up. I need something like this for the doll clothes I sew for French dolls. Would you believe I got to your blog by doing a search for Gordon Bok's Russian song? If you happen to know the name of that one Russian song, I would be very grateful to know it. I got to see him in PA once, in 2002, I think. It was amazing. However, the whole time I lived in Maine (Belfast), I often got to Camden but never got to see Gordon in Maine. What a voice! Oh, how I miss Belfast, and mid-coast Maine. I had never been there before 2005 but fell madly in love on my first trip, went home to pack up my belongings and moved there. If I had the $$ I would go back and not return to PA, ever. I was four doors from the bay. Glorious.

  2. Me again. Your name sounds familiar. I once offered a copper tea kettle on Freecycle (when I was in Belfast). I had boiled it dry and did not have the heart to toss it. Are you the one who came for it?

    1. Hi Nancy, I am not the teapot person. Not sure how you may know me but I have been in the Unity/Freedom area for quite awhile. I used to do sewing and alterations ... I would put flyers up around Belfast. I don't know the Bok song you are referring to but here is a website that list all his songs I love Belfast too. I am grateful to be just 25 minutes away. Thanks for checking out my blog...please come again! Best Wishes, Orah

  3. These lights are really cool. I am an amateur photographer and definitely have a light issue in my old farmhouse. I love the evergreens that surround my home, but they're not good for taking indoor still shots! Really interesting to see these in use.

    1. Thanks, Katie! For $50 I think they are going to be a real time saver for me... Especially during the dark winters when I have more time to take product photos. Dug my potatoes today & photographed 2 products. Hope to plant my garlic tomorrow... Need to get done in the gardens & move on to etsy work... What a garden year though! Thanks for stopping by <3