Thursday, May 23, 2013

{pause & see}

Spring is slowly turning to summer here in Maine.  I paused to see the last remnants of autumn and winter.  Enjoying the the random placements by nature and things that seem beautiful just where they are.  This feather and leaf 180 degrees from each other.  I am quiet...marveling....then...... 


It is friend Raven!  Again, when my camera is ready.  I keep my eye on Raven and begin our mimic talk.  Raven croaks 3 times, I croak 3 times.  This goes on for a bit when I hear the swoosh of wings behind me.  I spin and snap this is another Raven!!

I turn back and Raven #1 is still sitting on the branch speaking.  Then from behind this Raven another Raven materializes!  3 Ravens or at least that is how it appears to me.  I stood there croaking with my friend for a bit more.  I was overcome with a feeling of "YES" and "THANK-YOU".  Raven took flight and I was alone....well as a lone as you can be when connected to the "All is Oneness".  I had to call for Runa for over 5 minutes as she had taken my distraction as an opportunity to have her own adventure!  (stinky dog!)

Reiki Story

My Reiki Practice was called Three Ravens Reiki until I took on the experiment of an office in the Town of Waterville.  I thought "Reiki with Orah" might be more explanatory...better---"branding"---something I have learned from Etsy.  Back in 2006 when my son was entering puberty and there was a clear shift going on as my role as mother I started to desire something else...  I was in a hungry exploring stage.  I thought of going back to school to possibly become an RN.  But nothing was really shaking out.  

I had a friend at the time going through a relationship struggle.  Before a visit she asked if I could help her figure out her animal totems since I was "into that sort of stuff".  So I bought "Power Animal Oracle Cards" by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. at Amazon.  I read the directions (I am a direction reader that then proceeds to free form it ~~~my ying-yang).  

I decide to pull a card for my Self.  I shuffled the deck and pulled the Raven Card. Raven is "Own your power...Trying to keep yourself little by denying your power so you won't be a threat to anyone merely keeps you in a false bubble of safety. Of course, at least that way you won't get noticed much or stand out.  Well, that trick has worn out its welcome....So stop doubting, worrying, or making excuses, and own your capacity to be a powerful magician.  Use these gifts to help make this a better world for all beings."  Well, I said aloud...this card is not for me!  So I shuffled the deck again. (only one of each animal in the deck) I pulled Raven again.  This sent chills up my spine.  But my type A science self shuffled the deck guessed it I pulled Raven.  Then I said "ok! I'm listening".

I went to visit my friend.  On the way home I saw THREE RAVENS on the side of the road!  The word REIKI popped into my head.  I swear, I didn't know what Reiki even was...but I found out!  And synchronicity, after synchronicity lead me to where I am today as a Reiki Master Teacher with a very fulfilling home based Reiki practice.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I had been thinking that Waterville situation wasn't compatible with me or my practice.  I do not enjoy being in town so much.  Plus, my Reiki practice doubled at home, even with fewer hours and a moderate rate increase. (I only charge $30 for a full session in my home).  So back when I saw Fox I started "feeling" I should let go of Waterville and return to my Three Ravens Reiki name. Seeing the 3 Ravens was confirmation.  As I have been writing this morning I have received 2 calls for Reiki appointments and Raven has swooped by my window.  I am surrounded by truth and wonder!

This a regular feature I plan to include in this blog.  I try to see something new each day.  It is part of my practice in "seeing".  The art of seeing is essential to any creative work in my humble opinion.  My favorites are the ones that stop me in my tracks!  Like so many folks I have a very busy mind that I struggle to quiet.  But by creating this practice it has given me many opportunities to pause and be with a new wonder.  I love to wonder about wonders.  These little seeings can be just the jolt my creative process needs to get out of a rut.  But mostly they provide a pause which is that moment of peace I need to heal from a frustration. These seeings are grounding for me and bring me to the present.  I will admit to laughing out loud with joy over some of these discoveries. They are a moment of childlike wonder!  


  1. "Own Your Power". Yes. I just watched a video of a talk by Jane Fonda on that very task, she suggests is the work of our 'third act' of life. As young women we learn to make ourselves smaller than we are (even if we had no problem living large as children) and we have opportunity to return full circle in our over fifty years. Lovely story and happy to meet you :-).

  2. Thanks! Yes, I am very much In Joy at 50+! "see" you around! Orah