Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thoughts of Peace

"A Dream: After the 3rd World Was was over there was no more than a handful of people left alive, & the earth was in ruins. The survivors decided to meet to talk over their problems & to make lasting peace. There were 83 countries & each country sent a delegate to the convention. Each delgate brought the flag of his homeland, except the delegate of China. He produced a shoe box, from which he drew a living flower." "That," he said, "is a wild flag (Iris Tectorum). In China we have decided to adopt this flag, since it is a convenient & universal device & a very beautiful and grows everywhere in the moist places of the earth for all to observe & wonder at. I propose all countries adopt it, so that it will be impossible for us to insult each others flag...."    E. B. White, The New Yorker, December 25, 1943

Letterpress Print by A Revolutionary Press, Harborside Maine

The Irises here are at their peak. My friend John of "A Revolutionary Press" introduced me to this work by E.B. White last year.  A wonderful peaceful thought after a busy and tiring day.  All of these irises came from a little clump that was given to me 20 years ago.  I keep dividing them and dividing them....only, wish peace was as easy and prolific in the world.....  Well, just didn't want the irises to go by without sharing.  Peace to YOU! 

P.S. Took my first real swim today...4 laps!

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