Thursday, June 27, 2013

~~~Garden Rounds~~~

Each day I make my rounds to my various Gardens.  Some gardens are near the house, some are a bit of aways.  I usually do this in the morning with my cup of coffee or after dinner, it all depends on how the day is going and the weather (which has been quite damp, lately).  It is sort of a check-in with what is happening but, it is also, a very enjoyable relaxing task.  Often I find a place to sit a bit and not even think about what's - what.  There is always more to do than I can get too.  After 20+ years of vegetable gardening I am at peace with what does and does not get done.  So thought I would bring you along.  This will be in 2 parts.  Today the veggies ~ Saturday the berries. (Friday is shop news!)  So let's begin...but be prepared to see some chaos!

Here are the potatoes.  They got hilled and mulched last weekend.  I grew the mulch! It is winter rye that I planted last fall between my berries which my guy cut down for me.  There is never enough mulch...never!  But the potatoes are looking sign of the Colorado Potato Beetle...yet....

Garlic needs weeding...SCAPES nearly ready! Scapes are the edible garlic flower...more on that later.  Here is a row of "wildflowers" that get lightly tilled in the fall and re-planted with seeds I save and buy.

A new Garden this year on the north side of the house.  Things that like is cooler such as peas that are blooming and a bit of a salad garden...note to self~ plant dill and Fava here next year.

 Ok, not as pretty...tomato experiment.  Growing some in rye mulch others with black plastic.   I would really like to get away from plastic...but as you can see the plastic tomatoes are bigger...the plastic in Maine provides heat...a warmer soil.  Hey, the jury is still out though...early yet!

Now the "Big" Garden~~~weeding and thinning needed...but really too wet to do so...or that is what I tell myself!

But I will get to the beets soon~~~since we can eat the thinnings!!  YUM!

Winter Carrots are germinating least someone is enjoying all the wet!

Well, thanks for coming along!  I should make a map of my world for you some day.... 

Time to go let the ducks out and collect the eggs!  Have a Great Day!!!

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