Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Garden Galore!

Since Sunday I have sat at my computer each night and stared at a blank "add a new post" page for this blog.  I have just been too tired to type!  Even though daylight is burning I want to take a few moments to share with you what has been the source of my exhaustion.  So a little trip backwards in time.  The above photo is from this morning of yesterdays work: weeding, thinning reseeding what was washed away by the big rain.  This is the  everything else garden....meaning non-tomato or potato garden...the plot is called the Big Garden.  It was a great day yesterday, sunny but cool and windy so no bugs!

Saturday was WICKED hot but I was determined to get my tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants in the ground.  This is a newish Garden I call Pond View Garden.

This year I am planting most of my tomatoes with plastic.  I would like to get away from plastic for environmental and cost reasons.  So I am experimenting with some tomatoes planted in winter rye as suggested in an Organic Gardening Magazine Article:  I'll keep you posted how it goes for me here in Maine.

Some of tomato planting "secrets" include adding a scoop of worm castings and eggshells with each plant.  This year I forgot to save my shells but had an overabundance of duck eggs so each tomato got a cracked egg!

I started very early in the morning Saturday in order to beat the heat but since it is a tomato patch it was FULL 1:00 PM I was done in more ways than one!  The next day I was not well...sun poisoning I call it!  So I stayed inside and puttered about not being very productive.  By Monday I felt much better but still stayed out of the gardens~~we had a nice gentle rain~~perfect!  Fortunately, my seedlings all managed the transplanting just fine despite the heat!  Was blessed with a beautiful sunset on Monday evening!  Back to work now...a "bit" more to do out there before tomorrows rain and this weekend's GRADUATION of my boyo!

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