Tuesday, June 18, 2013

***Tuesday's Tip***

It is such a busy time of year here at Gratitude Gardens (that is what I call my "farm")  I always wish to blog more.  I really do enjoy sharing with my readers!    The best way I get things done is to set up a schedule of sorts.  I have Sunday Gratitudes which I am happy to say, I have not missed a Sunday since I made that commitment with my Self!  I am getting going with Friday Etsy Shops News...which is something else that keeps me off the streets at night...4 Etsy Shops now...but more on that this Friday.  

As a manic maker I have plenty of ideas and projects I would like to share.  So I am starting...
<<<Tuesday's Tips>>>

With this "commitment" I can start getting all my ideas off those little scraps of paper that are floating about and let them start world wide webbing!  So for today something super easy, beautiful, and delicious 

                                    ~~~Chive Flower Vinegar~~~

Step One:

After you are done being distracted by all the beautiful butterflies, collect some chive blossoms.

Chive plants are super easy to grow.  They are perennials that grow nicely from seeds or find someone that has a clump and ask for a shovel full.  They handle division quite well!   My lovely row was started from seeds I saved, then I just divide each year to make the row longer.  Besides being yummy they are loved by pollinators.  That is why I grow so many...Easy, Bees, & Butterflies!  

Oh Yeah, collecting flowers.  I just pop them off in my hand.  But you could use scissors as well.

What you need includes: Clean Glass Bottles or Jars.  I run mine through the sani-cycle on my dishwasher.  White Vinegar is preferred to a brown vinegar.

Loosely fill the jars with Chive Flowers.  I do not wash the flowers.  They are grown organically.  I figure between clean jars and vinegar things are clean enough. (but I will eat a carrot right out of the garden that has only been cleaned by wiping it on my pants...)  If you want to wash the flowers do it gently and dry them thoroughly. 

NEXT:  Fill the jars with vinegar....then wait a week.......

Voila! Beautiful Pink Vinegar!

Some folks strain out the flowers, but I leave them in until they have completely faded.  They make wonderful hostess gifts (I have given away 3 bottles, already!)!  The vinegar has a nice chive-lively flavor

Of course, butterfly distraction = Haiku Thoughts

but if I held it...could I touch
the lightness of this
flutter butterfly?


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