Friday, June 14, 2013

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Sunshine has been hit and miss this week in Maine so felt inspired to create a yellow is a jolly fellow treasury!  
All Team Madcap items~~~Because it IS a Madcap World!

Puppets for Sale at

Puppets are made with "eco-fi" felt which is made in the USA 
100% polyester made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.

SHOP NEWS ~~~ for In Joy Eco Cutie!  Puppets!

There is a little story around these puppets...of course...always a story!

I love to sew on felt.  It is fuzzy fun!  So what better than fun puppets to create with felt.  My first puppets were gifts for a growing population of nieces and nephews about 30 years ago.  Then later I got involved with a couple of craft coops.  I tried to sell handwoven items (not always easy...but weaving is a true passion ) Well, the weaving didn't sell to well.  I added puppets to my items for sale and they sold like crazy!

Decided to create another nephew for the family...stayed home and had my son!  Of course, puppets were a part of his growing up.  We had a lot of fun, even had a puppet theatre.  When my boy started school I became a substitute teacher at his elementary school.  I had a LOT of fun doing that job!  Being a substitute is a lot freer than being a teacher (who I bow to with GREAT respect).  No staff meetings and some allowance for my eccentric "ways".  I had a reputation for dressing like Ms. Frizzle of The Magic School Bus.

Oh yeah...PUPPETS!  I devised a way of getting super wonderful behavior out of a class...usually.  I had my "Super Secret Substitute Teacher Suitcase" an old fashion suitcase filled with PUPPETS and surprise craft supplies.  I would start the day telling the class that every time they worked well together or follow directions they would get a "Good Job" tally on the board.  When a couple were earned they would get to have quick peek in the suitcase.  This would continue throughout the day until the end and the puppets would be released and I allowed a little mayhem to ensue!  Birds and butterflies soaring, fish fights, and flowers in deep conversation!  It was fun and I was loved...all the tasks the teachers left were completed too.

So here is a gallery of the puppets from the suitcase.  Not too shabby even after all that mayhem and rugged play!

Owl & Parrot

Red Wing Blackbird & Kingfisher

Butterfly, Flower, and Rose

Fishy & Rose again...Rosy is my will be coming to Etsy soon...cut out but not sewn ...YET!

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