Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Den of Distractions

 Hi~I am here ~ Now! (probably still am...)  This is where it "all" happens.  My little biosphere of blogging.  My Etsy listing nest.  My den of distractions.  I spend more time in front of a screen than I would like to admit. But, living with a teen that has to have at least 2 screens during all waking hours in front of his face gives me the illusion of balance.  My  distractions are not all screen related though.  You can see the big wall of books..they are not just for show..these are pretty comfortable chairs...so I do lose my self at times... 

(should be on the computer working but reading instead...not a problem for the younger generation)   

There is this nice window for mindless gazing.  If it is night and there is a snow storm with the outside lights on~~~total snow globe effect~~~all my work goes out the window!! (pun intended)

Then there is my little loom.  Oh, how I love this machine.  It is my first loom and we have been together for around 30 years!  Her name is Kyra and she is made out of cherry wood.  She has been to many classrooms letting kids have a crack at cloth making.  I weave mostly scarves on her.  This is weaving meditation.  When I  have been sitting too long and my neck is stiff I stand and weave.  The weaving is simple so I only need to be aware of my selvedge edges.  Just enough awareness that I can not think of any thing else. Just...shuttle in the shed, switch, & beat....over and over and over.  So what next...list my 3 finished scarves on Etsy or weave a little first...gaze a bit...hmm a poem might be nice right about now...put my feet up and read idioms from The Dictionary of Idioms???

Life IS Good!

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  1. Oh what a cozy den! Looks so comfortable. I always like a window nearby. Of course, sometimes birds and squirrels are a little too distracting for me, but I like to know life goes on beyond the screen!