Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pause & See

Having a dog has many benefits, one is frequent trips outside.  Many times they are hurried events because I "need" to be doing something else, I'm tired, not awake, or not into the current temperature.  But sometimes I take the time to pause and see.  This evening as the light was fading I noticed the driveway looked to me like a mosaic.  The combination of the light and the recent dusting of snow made a very pretty sight.  The snow created the effect of grouted pebbles.

Then I looked further to be delighted by lines made of  tire ruts and snow.  When I squinted my eyes they looked like brush stokes, as if painted by a giant abstract artist. Amazing what a driveway can bring to the imagination!  Oh! Runa you want to go in now....well ok....

This a regular feature I plan to include in this blog.  I try to see something new each day.  It is part of my practice in "seeing".  The art of seeing is essential to any creative work in my humble opinion.  My favorites are the ones that stop me in my tracks!  Like so many folks I have a very busy mind that I struggle to quiet.  But by creating this practice it has given me many opportunities to pause and be with a new wonder.  I love to wonder about wonders.  These little seeings can be just the jolt my creative process needs to get out of a rut.  But mostly they provide a pause which is that moment of peace I need to heal from a frustration. These seeings are grounding for me and bring me to the present.  I will admit to laughing out loud with joy over some of these discoveries. They are a moment of childlike wonder!  

"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky"             ~~~Buddha

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