Monday, February 11, 2013

Post Blizzard Walk

A Little More Yesterday

After the clean up was complete Runa and I took to the woods for a nice snowshoe.
Runa tried to run ahead but changes her mind and lets me break trail.

We made it to the field but it was too cold and too deep.

 We turned around and headed back through the woods.

During the storm I was reading snow and storm poetry.
I found this one that was new to me.  I like it...

Snow Dance

Black brooms of trees sweep the sky clean;
Sweep the house fronts,
And heave them bleak in sleep.
High up the empty moon
Spills her vacuity

I dance.
My long black shadow 
Weaves an invisible pattern of pain.
The snow
Is embroidered with my happiness

Evelyn Scott (1893-1963)

1 comment:

  1. Blue sky and snow -- always a happy combination. I don't remember ever hearing of Evelyn Scott; that is a lovely poem.