Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring ~ or ~ Vern Day

This is how the first day of Spring looks here in Freedom.  Not exactly springy!  Also, not atypical of a Maine Vernal Equinox.  Even though the weather is "gloomy" (I don't really mind ~ good light for Etsy photography, snow melting rain, 40 degrees outside!)  there is plenty to celebrate around here.  First, I seem to, finally, be over a lingering cold (that is why the blog has been quiet).  It was a good morning to sleep in, I needed the rest!  Also, today is when we celebrate Vern's Birthday!  He can into our lives 2 years ago on the Vernal Equinox, hence the name Vern.  Our best estimation is that he is now 4.

Vern's favorite perch on the back of the couch...comfy & easy access for pats 

I am eating a carrot, they are both begging...Runa got some carrot...Vern got some wet food!
Happy Birthday Vern

Runa had her real birthday on Monday, 5 years old!  I was sick so didn't blog but she got a walk and raw fish...her favorite.  Today she is languishing at my feet.  I have let her out a few times but the conditions are not pleasant, even for an Icelandic Sheepdog. Not good walking, snowshoeing, or being outside weather.... 

View from my skylight today.

There are signs of spring around here.  My little indoor garden with excellent tomato germination!  They are all leaning towards the sun.  They seem to give off an aura of yearning.  Or are they looking out the window and can't believe what they see?  What kind of world have they been born into?

Longing for Spring

O how I long again to see
The vernal face of Spring,
And hear, from every budding tree,
Some little warbler sing.


I long to see the forest trees
Clothed in their robes of green,
And swaying in the gentle breeze
Display their glossy sheen.


I long to wander by the stream
Where sport the speckled trout,
Or in the noontide's genial gleam
See lambkins frisk about.


I long to see the sons of toil
Perform the noble deed
Of breaking up the stubborn soil
To plant the fertile seed.


I long to see the meadows green
Bespread with flowerets gay--
I long to have a change of scene
From winter cold and gray.


It won't be long--a little while
And snows will disappear
And Flora with her winning smile
Shall find a welcome here.

  by S. Moore

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