Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pause & See

This is a regular feature I plan to include in my blog.  I try to see something new each day. The art of seeing is essential to any creative work in my humble opinion.  My favorites are the ones that stop me in my tracks!  Like so many folks I have a very busy mind that I struggle to quiet.  But by creating this practice it has given me many opportunities to pause and be with a new wonder.  I love to wonder about wonders.  These little seeings can be just the jolt my creative process needs to get out of a rut.  But mostly they provide a pause which is that moment of peace I need to heal from a frustration. These seeings are grounding for me and bring me to the present.  I will admit to laughing out loud with joy over some of my discoveries, they are a moment of childlike wonder!  

"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky"             ~~~Buddha

This is a photo from last week before some sun shone on the effects off the ice storm.  I must have walked/snowshoed by our old snag several times before I noticed its new two toned appearance.  I was trundling right along and then I stopped, backed up, and came in for a closer look.

The north side was totally covered with ice.  I think it is beautiful...

This old snag has a story.  I view it out my kitchen window, which is the only window on the north side of our house.  20 + years ago we were clearing this spot of land for our house site.  We did have to remove some trees to make way for our house but, we left a stand of a dozen or more Great Pines.  One day we were burning brush, we had a burn permit, but the wind picked up so we put the fire out.  We had just had our driveway put in so we took turns walking up and down the driveway while one us kept watch over the brush fire that seemed to be completely out but, we are cautious sorts.  Presently our excavator man, Clayton, showed up to discuss what was next on the construction agenda.  We both walked a few feet away from the burn site to chat with him...our backs to the fire.

Clayton during the course of our conversation asked if we were burning?  We said yes but we had put out the fire.  He pointed and said I don't think so.  We turned to see flames throughout the dry early spring tinder that lies beneath the big pines.  We all 3 sprung into action. Clayton headed for his excavator to use the big hoe to knock down the fire.  My husband & I started a bucket brigade from our pond that was a meer muck hole down a steep bank (Clayton had drained so it could dry and be dug out in the fall).  Our efforts were futile.  I took off running for the neighbors to call the fire department.

When I got back back the fire was in the big trees.  Clayton was doing his best.  My husband was still splashing the fire with water.  I found a pieces of canvas and started beating down the fire with some success.  Everytime my DH ran by me he would says something to the effect that this is it ~ its all over ~ we're going to burn the hole nieghborhood!  I had no breath for words.  The fire department did arrive and the was fire put out.  We were also saved by the bit of green new spring grass in the field behind the pines.  The ground was wet there.  The fire truck got stuck and Clayton had to pull them out.

We were grateful and sad.  All but one of the great big pines were burned.  One by one they fell down except this snag.  We leave it as a memorial to all those big beauties that fell that day.  We have planted more trees in the same spot that we dug up from our woods.  20+ years later we are enjoying the northern protection these trees give.  Good thing, the wind is picking up and it will be another cold one. 

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