Thursday, January 2, 2014

Between Old & New

 Well, folks I have been remiss when it comes to blogging.  I had many moments over the last week or so that I had hoped to write but, a few things have hindered my resolve.  The biggest one being ~WINTER~  We have had some very stormy and cold days along with intermittent power outages. 
This is the true color ~ a Violet Evening!

I have, also, been distracted by year end bookkeeping.  I got behind...I have always done my bookkeeping by hand.  There is something about a sharp pencil and ledger paper that I love.  I, gratefully, had a much better Etsy year than last so time to get my geek on and create a computer spreadsheet for 2014! I am resolved!

The reason I needed to get my bookkeeping done is so I could file the FAFSA for my son.  I want to do it on the first of the month to get him at the top of the pile.  If you are a parent with a college ready child I encourage you to be fearless about this fairly simple form.  You can file BEFORE you do your taxes.  It is easy to go in and adjust everything.  Plus, the folks on the helpline are very nice and helpful!  Federal Aid is awarded first come first serve.  My helpful hint!  Anyways, I tried yesterday but the website was down. I JUST finished NOW so I am writing to you while still in my PJs!  

Here is a little photo journal catch up of the last several days!  I have gone outside each day, no matter how frigid...thinking of you...with camera in hand so I can share this bit of paradise I call home!

Snowflakes the size of palm!

Runa contemplating a leap into snow that is over a foot deep... 

She Goes for it!

Feeding the Wild Turkeys

Vern & Runa Keeping Warm <3 so Sweet these buddies!

Vern ~ Dreaming of Spring from various windows...

The last light of 2013!  

I am grateful for your following and sharing of my life journey filled with makings and musings.  I look forward to whatever comes next.  I want to take this moment to wish you & yours All the Very Best in this coming year.  What I like to say is...


Dawn January 1, 2014

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