Friday, January 17, 2014

---Shop News---PURPLE

I may have a new disorder called, EOCD, Etsy Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I have been a bit crazed these last couple of weeks.  You'd think I would slow down a bit after the holiday, not me.  I am obsessed with the idea of getting 100+ items in each of my 4 shops.  I had "slated" January as a month that I would focus on all my UFO FIBER ART pieces.  But I got excited when I read, according to Etsy, the color of the year is PURPLE...well "orchid" if you want to get fancy.  So I got into a color purple mania.  I love purple!  I go back and forth between Purple & Green being my #1 & #2 colors.  It has been #2 for awhile but I think this year I will give it #1 status again! (Really LOVE Purple & Green together too!)

This morning I did make 100 items in the InJoyGathering shop with this item!
With this  Purple Tendril!

Yesterday, I went into a sewing frenzy of Garlands for InJoyEcoCutie.  Then I DECIDED it was time to shift...last night at 9:00 PM.  My sewing room looked like a Eco-Felt tornado had hit...time to shift my energy by cleaning up my workspace!

Really too embarrassing to show the disarray up close...but here is a peek through the veil of Garlands. 

A fun night shot of yesterdays sewing!

Awoke this morning with a sense of order.  Starting Monday I do ART! (except for a little bit of photography to get these Garland listed)  But I am proclaiming to the World I need to do ART to reset my Soul!

Clean Floor...I even swept!

The before picture was too scary!

Made some tiny Garlands with Scraps of Scraps ~ Note: the new Clean ironing board cover!

Stuff slated for the attic...don't even ask me about the attic...YIKES!


Finally! in celebration of PURPLE and the Wonderful MaineTeam a Treasury!

Finally~Finally A bouquet of flowers "sent" to me by one of my readers ~~ THANKS!


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