Friday, January 10, 2014


I don't how to say this but to just say it....all of my Ducks are gone.  

I went out yesterday around 9:00am to do my duck chores and it was unusually quiet for such a cold morning.  My duck have been "sleeping" in during the cold so I was surprised to find their house empty.  But , they are hardy creatures and I have been noticing signs of the end of their molt and a bit more liveliness.  So I went around to the duck yard, all was quiet and undisturbed.  I started to listen for them, they sometimes travel into the woods along the stream if there is open water.  I was looking in that direction when I saw a body.  It was Pokey, the only duck that I named, because she was always left behind and trying to catch up.  She wasn't long dead, there were no signs of any other ducks.

I have to admit that I haven't been locking them up at night.

This is is an ice skating rink between my house and the ducks.  I have spiky ice walkers for my boots but it is still treacherous.  Years ago I broke my ankle when I slipped on the ice.  It was not a fun time...I had to be on one foot and crutches for 6 weeks and had 2 surgeries.  I am more than extra cautious on ice ever since.  So time to strap on the super spiky snowshoes and take a look around.

All around the Duck house there was very little sign of struggle or attack.  I think the ducks must have been outside.  There were very few feathers, just poor Pokey's body.  I picked her up so I could take her far from the house and leave her in the woods.  I zig-zagged through the woods looking for any signs of struggle or just maybe a duck hiding in some brush.  This icey snow is not conducive to leaving track trails.  I found no more signs.  I admit I started to cry a bit.  The Ducks were more than wonderful egg laying bug eating machines for me.  They were a source of daily joy.  The nearly 5 years that they were with us I never minded any of the chores...I even like cleaning the duck house.  They are just such pleasant smile producing creatures I was always happy to care for them.  

Anyways, my guess as to what happened was 6 coyotes must of came.  The ducks must have been outside when they were attacked and then carried away.  It must have been morning based on Pokey's condition.  So even if I had locked the ducks in it could have happened.  It is a rough winter and many creatures must be struggling.  I do not begrudge the coyotes that saw an opportunity for an easy meal.  I am grateful that the ducks were 5 years old.  They have been slowing down with egg production.  I had been thinking of refreshing the herd but, had not intended to cull my old girls...well because they were my old girls.  I just got the Murray McMurray Catalog this week.  I was devising a plan to experiment with introducing the new ducks to the old....guess I will have to wait another  5 years to give that idea a go.

Day before yesterday I posted this Rumi quote along with this photo on my Facebook

Do Not look Back My Friend
No One Knows How The Worlds Ever Began.
Do Not Fear The Future , Nothing Lasts Forever.
If You Dwell In The Past Or Future
You Will Miss The Moment. ~Rumi 

I am grateful for all my duckie moments.  But I did leave the light on in the duck house just in case last night.  Today I cleaned things up.  Guess the wild turkeys will enjoy the open bag of duck food.  Below are a few links to earlier blogposts about my good ducks.

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