Friday, January 4, 2013


 I have been quiet when it comes to the blog-a-sphere. Wish I could say the same about my life~  BUSY! week.  Un-decorating, celebrating my birthday and son's 18th!  A happy flush of Reiki clients, getting little loom warped (warped means threading the loom, not a warp speed operation or me going crazy).  My camera broke---that is a yikes for an Etsian/Blogger!  So new learning curve with the new camera. (full disclosure~last couple of blogs have photos from past winters...)  Oh yeah, winter!  It has been frigid here.  I have been busy keeping both wood stove stoked and keeping an eye on my quackers...don't want duck-sicle...they do pretty well if I  make them stay in and give them hay to snuggle up with.  Today is my first day alone in 2 weeks + at least until 3:20 when the boy (legal adult now!) gets home from school.  Hope to re-group a bit.  

I love my family and friends.  I enjoy all my interactions with my Reiki and sewing clients.  But I re-charge best ALONE.  Alone is like ahhhhhhhh, a fresh breath of air, time I wish to savor...but usually I go into screech mode.  I love that too.  Being able to work at my tasks without interruption.  I listen to the music that I love or an audio book...or my favorite...nothing!  So better get to it!  Daylight is burning! (it is pretty dark by 4:30 pm these days)

List for today:

Ship Etsy Sale
Black Bean soup cookstove/crockpot
Snow Shoe with Runa
Measure Scarf Warp for Loom
minimal house cleaning
Photo shoot for Etsy
work on mini fiber art idea for Etsy
drive 30 minutes to town to meet with fiber group (probably dreaming)

Thinks that enough!

First Photos on "auto"....add reading big camera manual to list!
Soups on the Stove...Need to fill the wood rack too
Runa's Fun...Vern doesn't even try to help pick up!

Warping Reel Measuring Scarf Warp

Empty Little Loom

Waiting for a Snow Shoe...if looks could talk! (mop the floor?  probably not)

Coming soon to a blog near you~~~My WORD(s) of the Year!

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