Monday, January 14, 2013

Wire Bending Mania, Buy 3 get one Free, and 10% off!

I make these crazy ornaments I call Tendrils.  It all started about 20 years ago when we built our current home.  When one builds there are scrapes.  I have trouble throwing anything away.  My partner in life...I will refer to as "HE" who wishes to remain blog-nonymous...has no trouble discarding things that are not needed in the present moment.  So when he wasn't looking I gathered up all the wire scrapes and stowed them in the attic.  The attic is my territory and my loving HE stays out of the attic which contributes greatly to relationship harmony!  Anyways, I keep stuff with the intention of making use of it someday.  I wait for inspiration.  One day in the garden inspiration came while picking peas.  I was enthralled by the beautiful little pea tendrils.  I love all their seemly random twists and turns.  Then a light bulb moment, I thought of my wire stash and a jar of marbles that I had...before that day was over Tendrils were born!

Since that time I have expanded my wire wrapped objects to included stones, sea glass, sea pottery, and just this weekend glass globs that I found at a thrift shop.  I have sold them over the years at many different venues...I couldn't keep them all!  Now they can be found at I sold a few a week ago and the customer asked if I could duplicate the ones she bought.  I needed to make 3.  I ended up making 30.  Once I start I just keep going!  I love the organic process of bending the wire.  Each ornament is different.  Once the wire is bent there is no going back and straightening.  Each bend is a tiny commitment to the overall design.  Thinking is a hindrance to this process...just flow!

So today I am listing 22 new Tendrils in the Emporium.  The remaining 8 are in my stash of giveaway ornaments.  Buy 3 and get ONE FREE!  Plus~~until 1-31-13 use coupon code INJOY10 and save 10% on everything in either of my shops!

BUY ANY 3 Copper Tendril Ornaments and RECEIVE one FREE Marble Tendril.
(FREE one is MY CHOICE from UNLISTED stash)    Any questions please convo me.

Here are a few photos of this weekends making...

Work Space~~~Dinner Table~~~TV Trays Tonight

22 Tendrils ready to photograph and list on Etsy

Very Clear Sea Glass

Glass Glob~~~I Goggled the name~~~they are called Globs!

A neat piece of Sea Pottery
Really like these arrow shapes!  The photo doesn't show it but, this stone has sparkly mica .

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