Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Roses

A year has past in my Etsy journey.  The time has come for some re-evaluation. There is a lot of energy as a maker that can be put towards our holidays.  Much time can be spent thinking about the next holiday and having things made that are fitting and on time (if not early!).  For me it takes away from the present as well as distracts from my creative path desires.  As a single soul I have only so much time to create and I want to bring my self back to my truth and not just ask~~~what might sell~~~but~~~what makes my heart sing!?!

Yet, I can be dogged about an idea.  Some things need to be seen to there end.  So last summer I had an idea for Valentines Day involving the lovely rose patch on this land I call home.  It is huge!  A 100 foot in diameter briar patch of beautiful white double blossom wild roses.  I think they must have been planted by past inhabitants.  They are in area near a filled in stone well but no signs of any former dwellings.  I love to collect and dry a few petals for my own uses each year but, with Etsy I got ambitious!  In my mind am like some Victorian lady with my collecting basket (I "look" like Anne of Green Gables) but in actuality I am wearing a heavy long sleeve shirt, tough work pants, and steel toe boot.  Even with that protection I end up scratched to pieces...these suckers are thorny!

"If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears."  Isaac Hayes

One of my "thorns" has been completing this project.  I lost some of my steam for the idea plus, January has been busier than I anticipated.  I have been bless with steady Etsy sales, weekly Reiki clients, vexed with year end bookkeeping, and my first venture into the college financial aid fun!  But as I mentioned I am dogged.  So I did complete some cute upcycled wool heart shaped sachets filled with dried rose petals.  It was a lovely aroma in my sewing room during the process.  I think the scent of roses must be a worked for me!

Now that these hearts are completed I plan to follow my own heart's beat with my makings...more dream weaving, yarn spinning, and sewing to mend at least my soul...

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