Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting Organized!

Sales Tax DUE the 15th! "fun" bookkeeping

 January is a busy month!  Time to get organized and purging.  Decided to re organize my closet to keep better track of my Etsy inventory that is ready to ship.  So need to let some stuff go...namely magazines.  I am a reforming pack rat!  Etsy is my therapy!!  So I am listing some magazines in my and giving others away.

Need to get my books in order.  Not my favorite task.  But once I get going I get into it.  I like the feel of sharp pencil on ledger paper.  I use a combination of computer and old fashion pencil and paper sort of like my art and Etsy!  (I have got my son's 1st FAFSA done!)

So time to get off the computer and snow shoe before the snow melts.  Then get busy!  Wish me luck!!  What do you do to get organized?

Closet Organization in Progress
Maybe more time to read soon!?

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