Friday, January 11, 2013


Thaw~~~ to be freed from the physical effect of frost.

I have been a bit frozen lately, but not by the winter winds.  I have been in a sort of creation freeze. I haven't made anything in a while.  The holiday hoopla usually hampers my production flow.  I am full of ideas but, I have trouble getting beyond the in my head and out my hands stage.  I am so easily distracted by the day to day this and before I know it the sun has set and I am pooped.  (bet this sounds familiar)  To over come these slumps I give my self a "Creation Day".  Today was one.  On Creation Day only the bare minimum of chores are allowed.  And I make something, anything, just make myself make.

So today I woke up from a night of insomnia.  I was super tired.  But I was committed to getting unstuck so I started the day with a nap!  I napped from 8:00 am to 8:45 am.  Perfection!  I was good to go.  I zipped through the duck chores, a snow shoe with Runa, a few Etsy emails.  I warmed up by finishing the threading (warping) of my little loom.  Then into the sewing room to make......a mess!  A happy mess.  I love to have fabric and thread flying.  My process is not neat or tidy, it is creative chaos!  In that pandemonium an inner calm arises.  I feel my pent up ideas releasing and "becoming".  I worked on some love ideas with Valentines Day in mind.  But found more inspiration from the book I just started to listen too today, No Man is an Island by Thomas Merton (9 hour unabridged read by Jonathan Montaldo)  

I have had more "productive" days but I feel I have turned the corner.  I have got my rhythm back.  Loosened, melted, rekindled, coalesced....ok I will step away from the thesaurus....   Here is some of the proof of the pudding...

Finished Warping and Even Spun a Bit!

My Mirthful Mess...and it is going to get messier!
It really is a January Thaw....Enjoying my Lunch Break Outside in the Winter Sun!!

Sending You Some 

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