Saturday, January 31, 2015

Snow, Snow, Snowshoes X3

Finally, some sunshine on Thursday!  Finally, I got to try out my newest snowshoes.  Wednesday I was just a bit too tired after the shoveling workout!  Snowshoes have come a long way since my first pairs.  The ones in the photo below were what we used for many years.  They are about 4 feet long and great in deep snow, a definite workout for your legs but, a bit hard to maneuver with in the woods.  The bindings were always a problem too.  

At the beginning of the winter I bought these snowshoes from LLBeans to replace the ones I wore out last year.  I didn't not care for these bindings.  I had a real hard time keeping them on and adjusted.  So I returned them...Thanks LLBeans for your great unconditional return policy! 

 Here are my new ones.  I had some trepidation since they are only 24 inches long.  I have been using 30 inch snowshoes since I graduated from the gut & wood.  With only 2 straps I wasn't sure they would stay on but they have super nice ratchet mechanisms!

Ready for the first test walk in post fluffy & deep Juno snow!

They are super! In about 3 feet of powder I only sunk about 8 inches which is to be expected in this fluff!  The bindings stayed on well and are easy to remove with gloved hands!  Thumbs-up!


Friday brought clouds and more snow but also, warmer the 20's!  Felt like a heat wave!  Spent a good deal of time outside getting some air...oh the work will still be there~~~

Pond Bench!
 So nice out the duckies even went for a snowshoe!  Here is where my new snowshoes received another test.  As I was "jumping" over the stream to take this photo I took a tumble.  I ended up in a position that would best be described as snow twister.  I was sort of stuck.  My left leg was behind me in the snow and I couldn't get up.  But my right snowshoe was nearly in my face.  I easily removed my right one and used it as a pole and pushed my way up.  Then strapped it on again and I was good to go!

Friday Night a Mini Blizzard

Friday morning more snow to shovel and plow....

Short little snowshoes worked perfectly for doing the morning chores!  Besides duck care this morning, included a trip to the mailbox with an Etsy order headed to Ireland! 

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