Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It is PC to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

Today was another great day to enjoy the sunshine through the window!  Below ZERO again!!  Did my chores and spent the rest of the day working on my NEW computer... and getting used to it...

I have been using PCs since that late 1980's... pre Mouse!  I had no experience with Apple until I got an Ipad in 2011.  When Windows 8 became my PC choice for upgrading from my 2007 HP Vista I decide if I have to learn something new it might as well be a Mac.  It is a bit like teaching an old dog new tricks.  For instance, to go to the end of a sentence I keep hitting the "end" key "ending" up at the bottom of the page and making a sort of expletive sound... instead of doing Command - >.   I have this great book By David Pogue and I have Apple Care on speed dial to help me but, it is my nature to try and figure things out on my own first.  This all takes time.  So I am behind in my self appointed goals...like blogging more frequently.

I wouldn't say I am super computery.  I probably could be if I had more interested in becoming so.  I am more inclined to sew or weave or spin or walk or read... you get the picture.  But the life of an Etsian requires a good amount of time computing.  So I have made a few improvements to my office.  Besides the Mac Mini I got my self a stool for my standing desk so I can sit sometimes....especially while I am reading the manual!  I do like my new computer and I am sure it is good for my brain to be learning the differences.  I think it was a pretty good value.  I am still using my HP VGA monitor which saved me a few bucks.  I traded in the magic mouse for a regular Logitech optical mouse.  I found the magic mouse a bit harder to click and sometime some of its features needed to turned off so I wouldn't go nuts slip sliding through pages!

Also, I was gifted a new Etsy office mascot... this big beautiful Monroe Salt Works Pottery Raven.  If you follow my blog you know I have a special place in my heart for these fine feathered friends!  I give her a pat on the head as I enter and leave this room!  She is starting to show up in some of my listing photos...

I have been getting used to importing photos and editing them on the Mac and have recently added some fun things to my Vintage Shop ~ InJoyTreasures

Time to get ready for Chinese New Year with this nice Lantern

Or how about a Doll Bench ~ Raven NOT included

Wish me luck and patience (I just did it again with the "end" key...glad you can't hear my swearing!).  I think Thursday I will take more time to sew!  Heading to the loom for awhile after this...Thanks for stopping by!

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