Thursday, January 29, 2015

Juno ~ Clean Up!

Here is a little photo journal of our clean up after Winter Storm Juno.  Not sure how much snow we got because, in some spots it was 4 feet deep and in others it was bare ground.  We got outside early before the sun was fully up to begin the plowing and shoveling.

 DH had to hand shovel the drifts in front of the house before he could plow.

 VERY grateful for the Tractor & the Operator!

Especially when back dragging those big drifts!

I shoveled out the Ducks...before


 Then the "Bears Cave"...before


Some pretty nice piles of snow!

The sun, finally, came out later in the day and it was beautiful!

Even the Ducks got in a little sunning!


  1. Great pictures - love that last blue sky one and the ducks, who I'm sure were very grateful to you for removing all of that snow. I have been shoveling out a clear spot for our chickens - they have been spending most days in the coop lately, avoiding the snow.

    1. Thanks! Just in from more shoveling...we had a mini blizzard! Hope your chickens get out soon!

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