Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Shoveling through the Books!

Hope you are not tired of seeing snow blogs...but if I'm not tired of it you shouldn't be either!

Monday night brought nearly another foot of snow!  DH had to ram his way out to get to work...good thing we have a 4-wheel drive truck!  But, that left me snowed in the next day.  Which was fine I had no intention of going out, anyways.  I am not super comfortable on the tractor so I would rather be snowed in than plow!  After shoveling I forced my Self to get down to doing my year end bookkeeping.  I will admit that I was a half a year behind with these tedious tasks.  After a day of crunching numbers, making spreadsheets, & setting up a system to (I VOW) to keep up with this year I was pretty bushed. I'd take shoveling any day to bookkeeping!  Up to date now so next week I will do the taxes!

Tuesday Morning

Path to the water faucet for getting duck water 

Guardians of the Duck House

Upper Deck Shoveled

Enjoying the view!

Now below the below deck shoveling....
Bookkeeping at the Table

Stretch break with some help from Runa!

Tea bags getting a bit more use... then back to the books!

and Now a Poem...of Course! This one is perfect!

Poem of Bookkeepers Lament

Stress from bookkeeping mess

All the hassle, all the stress,
And oh my, I’ve made a mess,
Why did I even try?
Was it time I was trying to buy?
All the rules and regulations,
And did I meet my obligations?
You see, I’ve been shoveling uphill,
Now where did I put the dreaded bill?
With dread I fear the tax man,
Oh, but next time I have a plan,
You see, I won’t be doing it anymore,
Because I know the score,
Why should I feel so low,
When I can give it to BIZGRO.
Got to say I love a company that uses a poem as an ad!

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