Thursday, January 8, 2015

Deep Freeze

Brrrrrr is the word of the day!  Morning chores required an extra bit of bundling up!  Today's fashion is the Michelin Man look!  I found this great, big coat at a thrift shop last summer for $ may not be beautiful but it is warm!  Neoprene face mask is much better than a scarf in these conditions.  Handmade (by me) hat from an old wool coat...custom fit for my needs!  It was 0-F in my breezeway...colder outside.  I had an Etsy order going to sunny CA!  The first leg of it's journey is up my frigid driveway. 
350+ feet in squeaky cold snow seems a bit further today...but not as far as it feels during bug season! 

Next, on to the duck chores.  I am running a heat lamp so they can choose to get under it for a warm up.  Fresh water, food, hay each morning.  Keeping them locked up today with such risky weather.

The ducks keep a strict 10 feet away from me rule.  While doing the chores they run back and forth between the yard and house in order to maintain their space tolerances.  Wacky Quacky fun!

EVEN in this cold they are giving me 4 eggs a day!

Poor Runa, she wants to go for a walk so bad.  I am bundled up enough that I could tolerate the cold but, not my pup!  So we play a game throughout the day called "get the squirrel".  Utter these words and she is off like lightening to let these rodents know they are not welcomed here!  As soon as she is out of sight I call her back and she gets a treat.  This game takes the edge off her cabin fever.  Now, Vern, the cat, he is hiding for fear I will put him outside.  He's a cat, he won't take chances!

One last chore...empty the "beast" stove of its ash.  Today is a 2 wood stoves, Monitor K-1 heater, + electric heater in the bathroom running day!  

Stay Warm & Safe!

Happy Winter!

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  1. My pups want to go for a walk also - we're on day number 3 with no walk - its just too darn cold!

    1. Runa has wicked cabin fever! Hoping for break in the cold soon or I will need to get a doggie treadmill! Warm thoughts!