Saturday, January 24, 2015

Something Green

Who couldn't use a bit of green this time of year? I know I enjoy it even with my deep love for winter.  Winter is my sprouting time of year.  They are so tasty and nutritious!  A little fresh chlorophyll never hurts!  I sprout alfalfa & mung beans for us and oats for the ducks!

A little GREEN interlude ~~~ Then the story!

New Ducks this year so they are unaccustomed to sprouts.  Ducks are naturally cautious creatures.  Anything new makes them skittish, even a delicious platter of oat sprouts!

First I put them by the door...the ducks all ran inside their house...

Then a bit closer...they all skirted around the intruder and went outside...

I put them in the food dish and left for a bit.
When I came back they hadn't touched them!

Finally! after putting them in the water bucket and leaving again did they eat them up!

I am on my 3rd batch of sprouts and they only eat them if I put them in the water.
I won't complain though... 8 ducks & 9 eggs this morning!
Someone is doing double duty!

Speaking of are a couple of Eco-Friendly Items from one of my Etsy Shops!

LOVE to all my readers!  
I have been sporadic lately... I hope to get back in the groove soon!  
In the meantime, know I Love You & appreciate your loyalty!

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