Thursday, July 17, 2014

---Shop News--- HAT!

You know the old idiom~ "Wear Many Hats" ~?  Well, this is certainly true when one runs a small business that is a one woman show. I am my own Girl Friday as well as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer...ENOUGH with the idiom lexicon!  I have exciting news!  I made my first sale to Tasmania!!! It just fills me with delight that a hat of mine is heading around the world!  

I love hats!  This one is from one of my favorite Hat makers, Filson.  I would have liked to keep this hat but it is a bit small for my large head that is covered with thick hair.  I do have my own Filson hat and, of course, I have a story!

As I mentioned I have a head that is on the large size which makes hat hunting more of a challenge.  If you follow this blog you know I spend a lot of time outdoors so hats are a must.  For gardening I wanted a large brimmed hat, so about 10 years ago I began searching for a summer hat beyond the traditional ball cap.  Finally, at LL Beans I found this beauty!

 It was a bit pricy for our budget but, it fit perfectly and I fell in love with it!  Well, my DH, immediately, after getting home had hat envy.  It was a while before we could return to Beans (before internet shopping!) by the time we could, Beans had stopped carrying this hat.  Some years later we came across an online seller and purchase a hat for my DH + a back up hat...or the Hat for "good".  When the new hats arrived my DH tried to trick me and trade the new hat for my worn-in hat.  No dice!  His hat is now happily broke-in!

DH hat with a sealskin belt his Mom used to wear on canoe trips when he was a boy!

Extra Hat...I did wear it to some of the boyo's soccer games

I am glad to have the spare but not ready to use it yet.  I keep patching up my old pal.  Last year I added a piece of leather in order to keep the top intact.


This hat is great for all kinds of weather.  Spray it with bug dope and it keeps the critters away!  Rain or sleet or dead of night this by far my most favorite hat I have ever worn.

Even though this beauty is headed to the land down under have no fear that my noggin will be warmed by my other two favs...

Hand knitted hat by my sweet pal, Jenny!  I love the ring on the tassel for holding or hooking it up to dry.  Plus, it is such a pretty hat!

And when the Polar Vortex hits I am ready with this hat, handmade by me!  I upcycled an old wool coat. It sports big warm ear flaps...and at the end of the ties are handspun angora pom-poms from my bunny buddies of the past...dyed pink...!

So do you have a favorite hat? Or hats?  I would love to hear about them!

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