Thursday, July 3, 2014

☼ Forest & Field Happenings ☼ Still HOT

We had rain last night that came on the edge of a thunderstorm but not the cooling storm. I had planned to to do a garden walk around last night but it was just too hot.  So I rose early today and was out and about in the gardens by 6:00.  There was a nice morning fog.  My Raven friends were up and about too...the 3 fledglings I think...heard a couple others calling in the distance...I imagine these 3 as teens-Not listening to their folks.  Guess I am still a recovering parent! ;)

Daily rounds are needed to see what is ready to eat, almost ready, and what might be in need of some help.  Sorry, beautiful beetle but its you or my potatoes.  I take no pleasure in killing the creatures who compete with me...just what must be done.

Happier thoughts...broccoli and zucchini soon!

Today more scapes to harvest.  Another saute & I think pesto to freeze with the rest...

My Pesto is easy~
Chop the scapes, food process with olive oil until pesto-ish, freeze in ice cube trays.

Trying to get the ducks to go a wandering...guess they are not ready & too hot to herd them about...another day...

Vern & Runa enjoying the morning out and about!

Happy Day to YOU!

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  1. Discovered your blog through SouleMama. Really love Maine - we vacation their every year near Harrison. My husband and I kept Indian Runners for a couple of years, but with no natural water source, it was quite the hassle! I enjoyed seeing your post about releasing them, and to learn about your Icelandic Sheepdog. We have Pembroke Welsh Corgis, which are about the same size and cuteness, and perhaps loudness too!